cyi logo The Cyprus Institute
a bruggeman Adriana Bruggeman – Associate Professor, Hydrology and Water Management, with main research interests in monitoring and modeling hydrologic processes, integrated natural resource management and agricultural innovation
p hadjinicolaou Panos Hadjinicolaou - Associate Professor, with research interest in dynamical downscaling of past, present and future climate, Indices and impacts of climate change extremes, and climate statistics
e giannakis Elias Giannakis – Associate Research Scientist, with research interests in agricultural, environmental and regional economics, agricultural policy, and policy impact analysis
g zittis George Zittis – Associate Research Scientist, with research interest in climate change and impacts, regional climate modeling, hydro-climatic extremes, land-atmosphere interactions and climate dynamics
c zoumides Christos Zoumides – Associate Research Scientist, Ecological Economist with research interests in agricultural land use, water management and policies
h djuma Hakan Djuma – Post-Doctoral Researcher, with research interests in hydrology and land management
m siakou Melpomeni Siakou – PhD student, plant scientist with research interest in water management in agriculture, and the influence of water availability on plant growth and development
c panayi Christiana Panayi – Project Officer



PA1 ARI LOGO  Agricultural Research Institute
a stylianou Andreas Stylianou – Agricultural Research Officer, Agricultural Economist with research interests in sustainability of farming systems, agricultural production economics and policies, agricultural innovations/technologies
g adamides George Adamides – Agricultural Research Officer with interests in rural development, use of information, communication and robotic technologies in agriculture
s ioannidou Soteroula Ioannidou – Agricultural Research Officer with research interests on varieties testing, modern cropping systems and agricultural practices in deciduous fruit-trees
c stavridou Constantina Stavridou – Agricultural Research Officer in Plant Improvement with main research interests in cultivation techniques for improving the quality and quantity of the production of medicinal and aromatic plants.
d fasoula Dionysia Fasoula – Agricultural Research Officer with interests in plant breeding/molecular genetics, plant improvement, innovative methodologies for plant phenotyping, precision agriculture and traditional varieties
a savvides Andreas Savvides – Researcher, Plant Ecophysiologist with research interests in plant environmental physiology, plant-environment sensing, sustainable & smart agriculture



PA2 Filagrotiki A.M. Filagrotiki Symvouleftiki Ltd
s maliotis Savvas Maliotis – Agroeconomist and consultant in the areas of agrofood marketing and rural development. Extensive experience in CAP policies as an evaluator of rural development programs
c hadjicostas Constantinos Hadjicostas – Agronomist with experience in horticultural support services and extensive knowledge of the agricultural systems in mountainous regions of Cyprus 



PA3 ANET Troodos Development Company
p hadjicostas Petros Hadjicostas – Economist, Rural Development Consultant, Troodos Development Company Director
e kazamia Evi Kazamia – Arts and Culture Management,EU Project Manager for Troodos Development Company
r panagiotou

Raphaelia Panagiotou – Accountant, Head of Accounting and Finance for EU Projects for Troodos Development Company



 PA4 Niki Niki Agathokleous LTD
n agathokleous  Niki Agathokleous – manager of Niki Agathokleous Ltd with interest in processing of fruits to traditional Cypriot spoon sweets and marmalades



PA5 Architextonikes kai Perivallontikes Meletes Architextonikes kai Perivallontikes Meletes Ltd
a theodosiou Antonia Theodosiou – Architect and Environmental Engineer with expertise in sustainable development, historical buildings restoration, drystone landscape rehabilitation and sustainable tourism
a pitta Anastasia Pitta –Petra stin Petra Foundation, expert in dry-stone terraces



PA6 COFA Cyprus Organic Farmers Association
c christodolou Christina Christodoulou – Agronomist, with interest in organic farming and honey production, President of COFA
s christodoulou Socrates Christodoulou – Mechanical Engineer with interest in organic farming and honey production, Vice-president of COFA



PA7 Euroagrotikos Euroagrotikos
l achilleos Lambros Achilleos – Manager of Euroagrotikos Farmers Union, with interest in farming, especially in mountain areas



PA8 SIGINT Sigint Solutions Ltd
l kanaris Loizos Kanaris – Researcher, with expertise in Localization and Telecommunications
g michalis Georgios Michalis – Researcher, Software engineer with interests in physics simulations, electronics, robotics, and machine learning
e savva Eirineos Savva – Researcher, Mechanical engineer with great electronic knowledge and with interests in product designs, visualizations
e fragkou Elena Fragkou – Researcher
m konstantinou Markos Konstantinou – Researcher