Proactive Producer and Processor Networks for Troodos Mountains Agriculture

starkinThe Troodos Mountains are the green heart of Cyprus. The mountains capture and manage the rains that form our natural water resources. Agricultural dry-stone terraces, rural communities and forests shape the diverse landscape of Troodos. The agricultural and food processing sectors in the Troodos Mountains have high potentials but also face many challenges.

The 3PRO-TROODOS Project is an Integrated Research Project (2019-2022), funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus, and coordinated by The Cyprus Institute. The project aims to improve agricultural production and food processing in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus, through social innovation, sustainable natural resource management and climate change adaptation.

The 3PRO-TROODOS Consortium conducts research, in cooperation with the agri-food producers and processors of the Troodos Mountains, to achieve:

  • A quality certification label for Troodos food products
  • Improved fruit tree production with protective nets
  • New products and practices for local herbs
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of agricultural dry-stone terraces
  • Improved irrigation water use with wireless sensors and mobile Apps
  • Guidelines for sustainable water use under current and future climate conditions
  • Insights in the socioeconomic impact of quality labelling on Troodos